Thursday, November 25, 2010

Work Incentive

A few weeks ago I created this game to give the cashiers at work some incentive to balance their tills each day. Each cashier colored their own sheep and then started at the bottom of the mountain. Every time they balanced their till perfectly they moved up a level, climbing up the mountain. The first to become a "peak performer" won a prize. We played twice and two people won $25.00 gift cards. It was really fun to see how excited everyone could be about a little competition. They're all also really creative as you can see by all the different sheep (and dinosaur).

These five at the top are the cashier leads and our cash control manager Mike (the wolf in sheep's clothing). It goes from left to right: Me, Christina, Tonia, Mike, and on the bottom is Farina.

We're starting to work on a new game for December where each cashier's reindeer races around the world collecting prizes from different countries.


Crystal said...

Very cute! That looks like it would take a long time. Way to make work fun.

Teresa Hancock said...

This is awesome. I'm glad you told me about it when you were here. It is fun to actually see it in a working format. I love the wolf in sheep's clothing. It is very creative and is obviously working to promote fun and productivity as well as camaraderie between employees.